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Stepping Up To The Plate

As a Pastor you are called to an accountabiltiy for the sheep, God has asked you to take care of them... Learn how in this book.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

Fivefold Ministry Methodology Course 

Text Book for Course: The Minister's Handbook by: Apostle Colette Toach
Course Author: Apostle Craig Toach
Duration: 18 Weeks

What Every Minister Should Know

If God has called you into full-time ministry, then this is a book and course you do not want to be without. Receiving the call and even having the anointing falls short if you do not know how to minister effectively. This course will give you the short cut you need to rising up in ministry quickly. You will not need to stumble around discovering the truth of ministry the hard way. Instead you can enter ministry, armed, educated and ready to walk in the power God has given you for your call.

From standing up to preach, to counseling someone in their marriage personally, this course has it all. You will touch on every aspect of full-time ministry - arming yourself with both knowledge and wisdom for the task that is ahead. No one builds a house, without first determining how much it will cost. In the same way, no one going into full-time ministry should enter into it lightly, without first determining what will be required of them.

Get informed, get trained and then get released to become the powerhouse God has called you to be!

  • Start your ministry with a clear picture of what the end goal should look like
  • Deliver sermons that make people come back for more
  • Become the kind of counselor that hits the mark every time.
  • Gain new confidence when leading or hosting a public meeting
  • Avoid other worship leader pitfalls and go straight into releasing the anointing
  • Receive and deliver the prophetic revelations you receive with accuracy and anointing
  • Understand the dynamic of inner healing

This course will mean never having to say, "I wish I had known then what I know now!" You can know what to do using the experience and knowledge of others that have prepared the way for you! Enroll in AMI Fivefold Ministry School and get going with this course now!

The Minister's Handbook Course Lessons:
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 1: The Purpose of Your Call
Without a clear purpose, you do not have a place to begin.
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 2: Hearing God's Voice
Increase your ability to hear Gods voice and then move on to hearing Him on the behalf others.
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 3: The Five Golden Rules - Rules 1-3
Do not engage in ministry without following these essential rules for every minister
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 4: The Five Golden Rules - Rules 4 and 5
The core of what ministry is about
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 5: Counseling - the Rules of Engagement
Counseling 101 essentials
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 6: Counseling By the Word
Step by step instruction for counseling any problem
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 7: Counseling Case Scenarios
Practical examples to work on
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 8: Ministering By the Spirit
Ministering through the agency of revelation by the Holy Spirit
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 9: The Ministry of Inner Healing
How to minister inner healing effectively - step by step
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 10: Dealing with Demons and Deception
The core of dealing with demonic bondage
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 11: Identifying Deception
Step by step instructions on identifying and dealing with deception
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 12: Dealing with Demonic Manifestations
What to do, how to do it and how to follow up
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 13: Leading a Public Meeting
Avoid all pitfalls and ensure every public meeting you lead is a success
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 14: Preparing and Presenting a Sermon
How to prepare for and structure your sermon notes
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 15: Preaching With Power
Clear guidelines to preaching with power and making an impact on your hearers
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 16: How to Lead Worship
Clear instructions on how to lead praise and worship effectively
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 17: Prophesying Publicly
Receiving and presenting your revelation with accuracy and anointing
The Minister's Handbook Lesson 18: Practical Ministry Guidelines
The "rules of engagement" for anyone called to the work of the ministry

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