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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Fivefold Ministry in the Church Course

Text Book for Course: The Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry by: Colette Toach
Course Author: Colette Toach
Duration: 11 Weeks

Finally - Know What the Fivefold Ministry is and Does

For far too long the Church has suffered under imbalance. Until all of the Fivefold Ministry are in place, we cannot walk in the promise of the latter rain that God has promised us. This course "sets things straight" and gives a blueprint for what the Church should look like.

Taking each of the Fivefold Ministry you will discover how they relate to one another and how you, as an apostle, can begin to put it into place. Not to be taken lightly, this course is only recommended for those who are mature in ministry and have an apostolic call. While this course will give you a clear picture of each of the Fivefold Ministry, only an apostle will have the authority to implement it correctly.

  • What each of the fivefold ministry are meant to be doing in the Church
  • How each of the fivefold ministry function within the team
  • Discovering the secrets to functioning withing the local and universal church
  • The clear dividing line between functioning in "ministry" and "office" for your fivefold call
  • The heirarchy of the fivefold and the essential tools each use to contribute to building God's Church correctly.

It is time for the Apostles to pick up their tools and to start building - this course is the blueprint to get you started!

Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Course Lessons:
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 1: Local vs Universal
The function of ministry in the local church and the Church internationally
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 2: The Pattern for the Evangelist
Know what the evangelist looks like and his place within the Fivefold Ministry Team
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 3: The Pattern for the Pastor
The two-fold functionality of the Pastor
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 4: The Pastor's Place
How the pastor relates to the other fivefold ministry
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 5: The Pattern for the Teacher
The essential part the teacher plays as part of the fivefold ministry
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 6: The Role of the Teacher
The teacher's role in bringing about restoration to the Church
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 7: The Pattern for the Prophet
The call and place amongst the rest of the fivefold
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 8: The Network Indestructible
A unity of prophets and their function with the apostle (The prophet's job description)
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 9: The Pattern for the Apostle
The apostolic mandate to "Build God's House"
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 10: The Apostle in the Local Church
Setting up the structure
Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry Lesson 11: The Apostle in the Universal Church
Receving the pattern and building God's End Times Church.

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Response from Anne Chen : Dear Theaola,

I have sent you information to your email!

Let us know if you have any other questions, okay?

In His Love,

Anne Chen
AMI Minister

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