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The How to Start a Home Church Course

Text Book for Course: How to Start a Home Church by: Colette Toach
Course Author: Ronald Jordan
Duration: 23 Weeks

The Most Practical Guide Ever to Starting Your Own Home Church!

Teaching, wisdom and practical help is on the way in this powerful course. Not only will you learn how to start a home church, but you will be followed up weekly with suggestions, mentorship and further training on the subject. If you have started a church in your home, or would like to, this is your first step!

  • Clear instruction on how to get your first home church started
  • Secrets to successful leadership
  • A host of ideas and practical projects to use in your home church
  • How to increase the size of your meetings
  • When to split the meeting and who to hand it over to
  • What to teach your members

Your home church is not just a ministry, but your family in the Lord. Take these principles and apply them for success. You will be taken by the hand for each step and given everything you need to birth and then lead your ministry to success!

The Home Church Course Lessons:
The Home Church Lesson 1: Birthing Your First Home Church
What to remember before starting out
The Home Church Lesson 2: What a Home Church Looks Like
A clear definition of what the correct pattern is
The Home Church Lesson 3: Your First Meeting
Preparing and running a successful first meeting
The Home Church Lesson 4: What Ministry is About
Practical things to keep in mind about ministry
The Home Church Lesson 5: Teaching Conversational Prayer
Getting your church to flow in the spirit is easy!
The Home Church Lesson 6: Tithing and Giving
How to teach on "money matters." Setting the correct precedent for giving in your church
The Home Church Lesson 7: The "Love Feast Project"
A powerful principle in bringing unity
The Home Church Lesson 8: Change Things Up
Breaking everyone out of their "church rut" to make your church alive!
The Home Church Lesson 9: The Bible Study Meeting
How to run a successful bible study (Practical lesson included for you to apply in your church)
The Home Church Lesson 10: The Teaching Meeting
Study a good teaching series and apply this practical project with your group
The Home Church Lesson 10: The Bulldozing Meeting
Teach your members to tap into the power of the spirit and increase their faith (another practical lesson)
The Home Church Lesson 11: The Preaching Meeting
Prepare a sermon and present it at the next meeting
The Home Church Lesson 12: The Fellowship Meeting
"Everyone has a teaching, has a hymn... " Getting everyone to contribute
The Home Church Lesson 13: The Prayer Meeting
A practical lesson on praying as a group
The Home Church Lesson 14: Ministry Within the Group
How and when to step in and minister prophetically
The Home Church Lesson 15: The Devotional Meeting
Teaching and motivating your members to bring a devotional
The Home Church Lesson 16: The Praise and Worship Meeting
Getting everyone engaged in praise and worship
The Home Church Lesson 17: The Singles Meeting
Gathering and teaching the singles in your group
The Home Church Lesson 18: Couples Meeting
Taking time to invest into the couples
The Home Church Lesson 19: The Youth Meeting
Investing into the youths who have a heart for God
The Home Church Lesson 20: The Campfire Meeting
Taking your meeting outside of the 4 walls
The Home Church Lesson 21: The Social Event
Reach out into the community and grow your ministry
The Home Church Lesson 22: Training Others Up
Identifying the next leader and raising them up
The Home Church Lesson 23: Growing Your Ministry
Splitting of the amoeba

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Response from tola : i need this lesson

Response from Carleta Ross : How do I enroll and what is the cost and deadline to register?

Response from Susan : I love this. i seriousely need this

Response from Rev. Fannie : This great material. What is the cost of everything?


Response from claudia : This is just what I have been looking for!!

how do I get a copy? what does it cost?

Response from Charity Brenda M. Weekes : This definitely will help me build my church's Dance Ministry.
As the leader of this ministry I would love to do it right.
It's my desire to start a ministry that will definitely focus our mind
to Jesus. Everything we'll do points to Jesus.

How will I be able to get this lesson?


You have no idea how much AMI have helped me in my walk to Christ when I enrolled to your free lessons. Allow me to thank you and thank you once again. I am forever grateful having surefed your website.

God Bless you enormously AMI!!!

When I get to US I will definitely find time to thank you personally Apostle Collete Toach. Thank You.

Sending you my love and blessings,
Charity Weekes

Response from Tope : How can I enroll for this course and what it is the cost?

Response from fola : I will like to be part of the lesson

Response from Veronika : Dieser Kurs interessiert mich,da würde ich gerne mitmachen.Die Geschichte mit der ersten Homechurch im Spital,hat mich erneut ermutigt.

Response from Veronika : Dieser Kurs interessiert mich,da würde ich gerne mitmachen.Die Geschichte mit der ersten Homechurch im Spital,hat mich erneut ermutigt. Das Buch hab ich schon.Ich erhielt es von A.+PH. Sager und ich las es innert 3Std, wo? Im Notfallwarteraum im Spital.Gott machte perfekte Links.Have a big smile

Response from jeneva : I would like very much to take this course but at this time my finances will not allow it pray for me that God will bless me somehow to take this course

Response from Claudia : Is someone from AMI going to respond to all these requests for more info sometime soon?

Response from Denise Jordan : Hello everyone!

I see that everyone is asking the same question. To find out how the school is run and how much everything costs, please click go to the following link:

In a nutshell though, you don't pay for each course individually but pay a monthly fee of $50 and that gives you access to 4 courses at a time.

If you have further questions, please rather email us than post here, okay? Use the link on the left hand side of the page that says CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US!

We look forward to helping you out and getting to know you more!

In His Love,

Denise Jordan
AMI Minister

Response from Bren Condry : Perfect timing!!!! I just acquired a small space, and I will be starting a ministry January 2014

P E R F E C T T I M I N G !!!!!!!!!!!

Response from Pastor D. Franklin : It's great, these outlines or topics are really needed for Equipping the BODY. I really need you people help to go through these lessons,thanks.

Response from philip onoh : Please I need to enroll for the lesson. I am happy to have this opportunity, so how do enroll for it .
Thanks God bless.

Response from Paul Lamptey : Please how can I enroll

Response from Paul Borner : Anyone may find out all they need to be a part of the ministry of JESUS Almighty by reading a Bible. If they can't read well they can get it on audio. No more religions of man are needed.

Response from Dr. Bukola : Spirit-filled.I felt it!

Response from sheree ann serna : i hope i can have this copy. thank for the help. God bless

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