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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

Text Book for Course: Practical Prophetic Ministry by Colette Toach
Course Author:Colette Toach
Duration: 14 Weeks

Your Prophetic Mentor Has Arrived!

So you have been called to the Prophetic Ministry. What now? This course should be the very first step for anyone discovering that they have a prophetic ministry calling.

Taking you from day one, you will learn everything you need to know about what a prophet is and how to fulfill your prophetic calling. From flowing in all the spiritual gifts to surviving the preparation that will lead to the Office of Prophet.

Here you will discover...

• What Prophetic Ministry really is
• The Signs of someone called to the Prophetic Ministry
• What a Prophet Does
• How to become a Prophet
• How to flow in all of the Spiritual Gifts
• How to deal with Deception

So what are you waiting for? This Prophetic Ministry Course will literally propell you into the Prophetic Training that will take you right into Prophetic Office.

Practical Prophetic Ministry Course Lessons:

Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 1:

Identifying Your Prophetic Ministry
What a REAL prophet looks like and does
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 2:
Understanding the Prophetic Gifts
Which of the gifts the prophet uses and how to receive them.
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 3:
Practicing the Gifts: Prophecy, Utterance, Urim and Thummim, Journaling
How to flow in dreams and visions.

Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 4:

Practicing the Gifts: Prophecy, Utterance, Urim and Thummim, Journaling
How to flow and mature in each one.
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 5:
Judging Revelation and Testing the Spirits
A POWERFUL lesson on how to judge prophetically what is from God and what is not
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 6:
Entering the Secret Place
The mandate of the prophet
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 7:
True Praise
The prophet and praise
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 8:
True Worship
How the prophet enters into worship
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 9:
Birthing your prophetic Ministry: Labor, Die and be Diligent!
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 10:
Death of a Vision
Understanding how this phase of your calling is the first step to promotion.
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 11:
The Power in Being Glorified
Now you know know all the death is worth it!
Practical Prophetic Ministry
Lesson 12:

Where you stand in prophetic Training
Prophetic Ministry Vs. Prophetic Office

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Lorraine Yon : I need to know what financial costs are. Am really interested in this course

Response from josephine Sesi Ngwenya : Am interested in tour free course for the prophetic Ministry

Response from shaun philp : I am interested that God encourages me to find the information from you so please can you send me a free prophetic practical ministry lessons

Response from Toni Atkins : I am very interested in taking your course. Please send information. I am retired and wondered if there is a charge and if so what is the price. Thank you.

Response from Kathy Perez : Would like to know cost or if I can get course free

Response from Chaifa Thao, School Principal : The cost to study here is $50 per month and you can take up to 4 courses at a time. However, this cost does not include your study materials.

The price of your study material(s) will vary depending on what you choose to get.

That is the gist of it, but for more details, go ahead and click on the "Fees and Cost" link to the left-hand side of the screen.

It is under the "Curriculum" category. If you would like assistance, you are also welcomed to call in to get all of your questions answered.

The number is 760 466 7679 (8am - 5pm California time).

Have a blessed day and hope to "see" you around!

In His Love,

Chaifa Thao
School Principal

Response from Jeri Akpan : How do I get all your books here in Nigeria. I want to partner with your ministry and become a distribution as well.

Response from Margaret Tafela : How do I get the study materials. Very much interested in this course. I am from Zambia.

Response from Lola Wilson : Can we move through a course quicker than the allocated time. For instance this course state it is a 14 week course. Could we complete it in less time? Do we work on our own or is it an online class setting where we are all working at the same pace?

Response from admassu baffa : I need to work with your ministry because I have followed for 10 years and it is mandatory to work and minister on the principles of apostles and prophets so how can I and your ministry should work to bring great harvest for Africa and the world?

Admasu Baffa
kabod international Apostolic leaders ministry
Ethiopia,east africa

Response from Otis Chisvo : Its definitely a good course. I need to join it& be a solder of solder.How much does i8t cost?


Response from Henry Wills Tasiame : I am much interested but the mode of payment scared me off because I do not have PayPal account and the amount you just tripled for money order payment
Hhmmmmm,, will it be accepted if I split the fees payment into three segments e.g. 50 * 50 * 50 through the period of course .

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